Carla Cuglietta is the Co-Founder of YoungLeaders.World, a non-profit global organization, aimed to engage young people for personal growth and collective good. Carla has worked as an educator, consultant and speaker in Canada, India, China, Sierra Leone and Uganda training over 10,000 people in the areas of engagement and leadership. She has been awarded the Prime Minister's Certificate of Excellence, the University of Alberta Alumni of Distinction, YWCA Woman of Distinction Award and the Lions Club International Humanitarian Award for her work around the world.

     Carla works with organizations to help engage the next gen into the work place in a way that is beneficial to both the employee and the organization.

     Carla has spent a large part of the last two decades trying to meet and learn from extraordinary change-makers all over the world. Her focus is to explore the critical decision points in their lives to understand how positive change is instigated, led and implemented.

     Through this work, Carla has been inspired to educate youth and adults to get them on a path of personal growth and collective good by defining clear, positive visions for their lives.


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Lions Club International Melvin Jones Humanitarian Award.

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Prime Minister of Canada Certificate of Achievement for Youth Engagement.

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The University of Alberta Alumni of Distinction from the Faculty of Education.

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YWCA Woman of Distinction Award. Women of Distinction – Volunteer.

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Me to We Outstanding Educator Award.

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     Carla has spoken to thousands of people of all age groups on three continents. Her focus areas include: Personal Leadership, Next-Gen Engagement and Educational Change.

     Her stories, experiences and lessons from around the world ignite audience members to not just be inspired by change, but to make it happen.

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     Carla’s wide-ranging experiences push her to continue applying global learning within local contexts, and vice-versa. The goal always remains clear: engage people towards visions of personal growth and collec tive good. Her consulting work is best understood through these three lenses.

Team Leadership

What if the biggest factor shaping the future success of communities, organizations and workers is whether we can engage one person at a time? What if unlocking discretionary effort is the key? Numerous studies point to findings just like that. If people fully engage in their activities, the future looks bright. If they don't, quite the opposite. The challenge is, engagement levels are perilously low, and the issue has particular impact on emerging workers and employees. Carla will share her findings and insights on how to best engage the next generation of employees and groups in your workplace.

Youth & Student Engagement

The studies are becoming clear, youth and student engagement is an important predictor of success. With this in mind, Carla works across all sectors, helping young people lean into outcomes that matter to them.

She has been involved in projects aimed at career pathways, educational transformation, curriculum development, online program creation, as well as shifts towards self-directed learning, project-based learning, service learning, and flipped classrooms. All of this is aimed at getting youth more engaged in their lives, education, training and future.

Carla will work with your organization to help understand changes within emerging generations, shaping your programs to not only have the right content but also have the right connection.

International Engagement

Across Carla’s 15 years of concentrated work in international development, her experiences include: increasing student success outcomes, train-the-trainer workshops, and co-writing teaching manuals. Along with leading projects in eight countries, Carla has had a particular focus, working with teachers in Sierra Leone, Uganda, and India to help school sy stems develop gender equity and educational peace practices.

Whether at home or abroad, Carla works to tackle the same challenge: overcoming barriers to life and learning.



International Courses

Carla runs International Personal Growth experiences in India, Sierra Leone, Canada and China connecting with people who want to learn more about a life of personal growth and collective good.

Each International Personal Growth experience contains no more than 10 people to ensure authentic, personal, meaningful learning can take place and lead to life long change.

Here are some upcoming opportunities:

Legacy – India

Young Leaders

Youth Leadership Courses

Students aged 13-21 are invited to sign up for this Personal Leadership and Collective Good course designed to take only minutes per day that open doors for you to completely change and redirect the path you are on.

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International Humanitarian Work

Local Humanitarian Work

Carla's Videos

How do you prepare for the future when you don't know what the future looks like. Why leadership is the most critical thing we can teach our young people.

Carla's Youth Leadership Foundation invites you to Vision2020. Come learn meet and share more about leadership.

This is the single most important factor in having a successful future and taking control of your life, can you engage?

Want to change the world? Want to leave it better than you found it? You can, in a small and gentle way, shake the world with your actions.


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