I believe that leadership it’s more than just a title—it’s mindset. With over two decades of global experience, I’ve witnessed remarkable transformations while partnering with everyday people and teams to drive positive change. I love to share their stories to inspire you to create and drive towards your own positive change.

As the president and principal consultant at IN.FORM Series, I specialize in leadership development, vision crafting, values alignment, and effective teamwork organizations.  I am proud the be the co-founder of YoungLeaders.World, teaching crucial leadership skills at  pivotal life moments for youth, to date, we have worked with 30,000 youth world-wide.

I hold bachelor’s degrees in both Education and Physical Education, along with a Master’s in Global Leadership. Beyond work, I love spending time with friends and family, travelling, eating great food, and staying active.

Offical Bio

Carla Cuglietta is an award-winning educator, facilitator, and keynote speaker focused on leadership development.  She is the President of IN.FORM, a leadership development company that works across industry and all levels of government and co-founder of YoungLeaders.World, a global non-profit that has conducted leadership training with over 30,000 youth worldwide. 

In 2018-2019, Carla conducted an extensive 18-month global research project across 15 countries, focused on understanding the rapidly evolving world of work. Over the last 23 years her leadership and education projects have included work in Canada, China, India, Sierra Leone and Uganda.

Carla has been awarded the Canadian Prime Minister’s Certificate of Achievement and the University of Alberta Alumni of Distinction, the YWCA Woman of Distinction, and the Lions Club International Humanitarian Award for her leadership work. Carla is a graduate from the University of Alberta (BEd., BPE) and holds a Masters in Global Leadership from Royal Roads University.